Sunday, July 29, 2012

18 Weeks

Wow! I have grown a little since
I wore this dress in Week 13.

How far along? 18 weeks
Weight gain: Alright so last week I freaked out because I weighed as much as I did at the beginning of this year (which was my heaviest ever [158]!!!) But I realized this is not chub weight it is baby weight. Right now I am at +16 lbs give or take a pound.
Maternity clothes? Yes, a nice little mix of maternity clothing and regular. I am still wearing my own jeans, I can even button them but it is uncomfortable so I use a little belly band thing.
Stretch marks? None on the Belly!
Sleep? Sleeping has been a little difficult :(
Best moment last week? Oh goodness! There were so many good things that happened this week but one of the best thing is that the little bean's movements are getting stronger :D
Movement? Yeppers!
Food cravings/ aversions ? Nothing new this week.
Belly button in/out? Still in.
What I miss: My husband. Deployments suck. Have I mentioned that before?
What I am looking forward to: UMMM I have a doctor's appointment this week!!!!
Random Info: Oh my! This week has been so busy!!!! Last Saturday we went fishing on a boat, I caught one fish. Then we celebrated Tubbs' and Tubbs Jr's Birthday. For Tubbs' birthday we went to an Illusionist show on base. OHMIGOSH it was awesome!!!! Then for Tubbs Jr's birthday we went to see the Blue Wahoos baseball game. AND the best part about those two were they were FREE. Oh I also got to check out the Naval Aviation Museum week and today we went to the beach. Let me just say California beaches have absolutely nothing on Florida beaches. Seriously I don't see what the big deal about California is. When I moved there I thought it was gonna be sunshine and warm weather all the time. WRONG! The water there is so cold I can't stand in it for more then a minutes with out my joints hurting. Anyways I hope you guys have a great day <3

Photos from this week!

My one and only fish I caught! 
The Naval Aviation Museum :D
I drove a plane!!!! LOL
Tubbs' Birthday cake!
Sitting at the Baseball game!

Yes I am catching my belly.
There was a fireworks show too!

Tubbs Jr was surprised with a game ball for his birthday!
Hanging out at the beach trying to tan my belly!

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