Monday, September 24, 2012

Wishes for Baby Cherry

Wishes for Baby Cherry
Please fill out your wishes for the little bean to read later in life! You can even write her an extra little note :)

Love this idea? Get your own here!
Either print the above image and send us a picture of your hand written note or just leave a comment below :)

Baby Shower


  1. awe, I love this idea! So cute =] Probably going to have to steal it!

    1. :) I am so glad you like it!
      Check out Lauren Makes blog for more colors :)

  2. 1. Look like your mommy ;)
    2. Of rollercoasters
    3. Cupcakes
    4.lots of hairbows ( cause all little girls need them )
    5. When your daddy is in the U.S and is able to experance it with mommy.
    6. What a awesome family you have.
    7. bad influences
    8. A photographer ;)
    9. You always respect. Mommy and Daddy
    10. And look just like Nana and sings just like your DeeDee ;)

  3. Dear baby Cherry,

    I hope that you always remember that mommy and daddy are your friends not enemy
    I hope that your not afraid to live life on the wild side
    I hope you love mickey mouse and cupcakes(they fix everything)
    I hope you get tons of pretty clothes(you need to be a diva)
    I hope you laugh everyday(you should never be sad)
    I hope you never forget how much your daddy loves you regardless of where he is
    I hope you ignore the mean people in your life(you are better)
    I hope you become whatever makes you happy maybe a baker like mommy
    I hope you always respect your family(especially mommy and daddy)
    I hope you grow to be a well rounded respectable adult that i will always hold dear in my heart

    Love you already,