Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week Thirty!

(maybe even sooner)

So cool tid-bit, the shirt I am wearing is
one my Mom wore when she was pregnant.
Also, I apologize but no chalk board this week
as everything is packed in my truck right now. 

How far along? 30 WEEKS
Weight gain: 180 lbs. OO oo that is a big number.
Maternity clothes?Fo sho bro!
Stretch marks? I FOUND ONE!!!! It is small and on my right hip. I had to double check with my mom to make sure it was a stretch mark. It is probably about half an inch. Thankfully I don't have more and hopefully I wont get anymore.
Sleep? Does anyone ever wake up and feel like a car ran over your back?
Best moment last week? Ah that would be yesterdays party. My Mom got married over the summer and we finally had the reception yesterday. It was so awesome. Side note: I made the cake and it came out pretty awesome I think.
Movement? I can feel her moving all the time. Her kicks are so strong, she even jiggled my laptop today.
Food cravings/ aversions ?
Nope none this week.
Belly button in/out? I believe it is going to come out soon.
What I miss: I miss sleeping on my stomach. It was the only way I could fall asleep before.
What I am looking forward to: Seeing my Dad tomorrow, getting the blue tooth in my car installed ( Oh I still have to tell you guys about my new car adventure!) and heading to Oklahoma to visit with my in-laws :)
Random Info: I am about to go to bed because my brother and I have a long drive tomorrow. Tonight is my last night in Florida, I am making my way back home to Cali. Yay because this is one step closer to my Marine coming home!

Said cake. It was delicious too!
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  1. I remember doing the stretch mark search when I was pregnant! I was so happy that I didn't find any until a friend told me that all her stretch marks were on her behind. I was horrified because I hadn't looked there! I went home and did a quick search in the mirror and thankfully didn't find any! You look great! Congrats best wishes in your last few weeks!

    1. You know I am afraid I may have some that I just can't see!!! But oh well!! An thank you very much :)