Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cluster Feedings

Oh joy...

You know I thought the hard part about breast feeding was the getting started, but no I was wrong. That was fairly easy. Nursing has not really been a problem, I mean at seven weeks old my monkey has gained four pounds and four inches since birth. She is so chunky. She had been eating every two to three hours, which was great.

And then it changed.

She has been doing fine during the day, but once five o'clock hit nonstop feedings begin. Our little miss eats for 15-20 minutes stops and is fine then about 20 minutes will pass and she is wanting to eat again. She does this until just before midnight.

My boobs are sore, I have a headache, and I totally understand why many women switch to formula after the first six weeks. Because breast feeding is hard. I want to give up.

But I won't. I read that this was normal and it will soon pass. I just have to suck it up. Besides I heard that breast feeding helps you loose weight and I need all the help I can get.

Alright well I just wanted to vent a bit. Have a lovely day.

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