Monday, January 9, 2012

Introductions are always great :)

Aloha Everyone,

   You are reading the words of Jessica and Keith Cherry :) , but mostly Jes. We have decided to create this blog to keep track of our change to a more healthy lifestyle. The first thing we have done was change what we eat. We have started the Paleo Diet. Ever heard of it? In simple terms it is the caveman diet: only natural foods, nothing that has been processed, no grains or dairy. Pretty much only things that would have been available for cave people to eat. This means a lot of nuts, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. For our fitness regiment we have INSANITY. Which we start tomorrow so I will talk more about it then.
   Now back to Paleo so this weekend Keith and I went grocery shopping at Sprouts and Fresh and Easy, we bought loads of nuts, fruits, veggies and some meats. Now I thought it was going to be more expensive but!!! we Only spent $140 in comparison to our normal $220 in grocery's  I think that was pretty good. Amazing how much you save when you don't buy junk food. Anyways so after we got home I cleaned out our cabinets of pasta, beans, rice, and sweets, and have started fresh with all natural foods.
Doesn't it look pretty now :)  In case you are wondering from left to right it is: almonds, sunflower seeds, almond flour, raisins, cranberries, honey, and coconut oil.

   So today was our first official day on the Paleo Diet. Now I just want to say I love bread, we have a relationship and rice oh how I love rice. But I am bound and determine to get healthier, and Keith heard of this diet or lifestyle change that will help us out. So naturally when I first heard about it I did not want to do it but I knew it was important to Keith so I decided what the heck. Anyways so going in on day one and dreading it I was very much surprised about how the day played out.
   So the caveman way cuts out cereals and oatmeals, this totally put a damper on my morning routine, but this morning I took two hard boiled eggs for breakfast and a banana. I know this does not sound like a lot but it was surprisingly filling. For my morning and afternoon snacks I took homemade nut bars (recipe to come later here) to work, and let me tell you this, everyday at work I get the munchies because all I do is sit on the computer all day. Today, no munchies. The nut bar was filling enough to get me through lunch and then through the rest of the day. Crazy right? Alright we will skip talking about lunch today (but don't ever skip out on eating lunch) and move on to dinner, which I am excited about :)
   Now no grains means no pasta which kinda makes dinner hard because pasta is my easy go to dinner. So today for dinner I made an alternative pasta with a side salad and paleo friendly dressing (also homemade).

Now it does not look like much but here it is:

  I used 2 yellow squash for the noodles, marinated them in about 2 tsp of olive oil with a few sprinkles of Italian seasoning and garlic salt. Cooked them up in a pan and served with spaghetti sauce and ground beef. I know this is not in elaborate detail but I am sleepy and want to get to bed. Alright that is all.

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