Wednesday, May 23, 2012

8.5 Weeks

    So this past week has been pretty crazy. Last Tuesday I put the finishing clean up touches to my house, had my neighbor load up the last of our stuff and handed in my keys. After all was said and done a waterfall of relief fell upon me. That is when the pain hit me. I started having cramps on my right side that were horrible. Now normally I would not have really thought twice about the pain but now I have a second person to worry about so I decided to go see the doctors.
   Once I got checked in to the ER everything went pretty fast. They took my blood and all my vitals and within twenty minutes I was in to see the doctors. After talking to the doctor for a few minutes she brought out the Ultrasound Machine Thing. After a few minutes I saw my little munchkin for the first time.
Baby Cherry
   Isn't Baby Cherry cute! Well after making sure the baby is ok the Doc started pushing on my side to check what else was wrong and decided the most likely cause of pain was my appendix. Fun right? Well they checked if my white blood cells were elevated and they were normal. So I was just told to keep an eye on anymore pain I have and to come back in the morning. Unfortunately my flight was the next day and I could not go back in. But I also have not had anymore serious pain. Thankfully :)

   So long California and hello Texas! Wednesday was flight day. So the pups and I took a $100 (eekkk!!)  cab ride to the airport. After fighting with  explaining to the flight attendant taking the tickets that my dog carrier was approved to go on the plane, the dogs and started our journey to the Lone Star State. 

   Yay Texas!!!! I have been here for about a week and everything has been great! I got to see my grandparents and few other family members: pure awesomeness! OH! Awesome random fact: we went to the Valley this weekend and I got to see the court house were my grandpa became an American Citizen. How cool is that, it is like I saw a bit of history! 

   And most exciting of all Ebony, my beautiful little chihuahua had her puppies this morning! Three sweet little pups! 
Blue (F) Brown (M) Black (F), More pictures to come :)

Uh I don't like the way I look today, BLAH!

How far along? 8.5 weeks
Maternity clothes? No none yet :)
Stretch marks? Nope! I really hope I don't get those.
Sleep? Sleep has been so much better this week :)
Best moment last week? Coming to TEXAS
Movement? Nope it's a bit early for that.
Food cravings/ aversions ? Everything I see a commercial or picture for (food wise) I want it! No strawberries or milkshakes from WhatABurger.
Belly button in/out? In
What I miss: My husband, ( I know it's not pregnancy related but I miss him most this week.)
What I am looking forward to: Oh watching Glee tonight :)
Random Info: Over the weekend I had my first go around with morning sickness. OHMIGOODNESS!!! Was that an experience. I am glad it was only the one day. MS has not visited again since the fiascos on Sunday but I am not looking forward to it. On a brighter note I had a great burger last night from D&B. :)


  1. Wait!!! What? Ebony had puppies again?? you never even told me she was pregnant!?!?!?

  2. Really! I thought I had told you!!!