Wednesday, August 8, 2012

19 Weeks: How could I forget!

Just a quick photo of today, for 19.5 weeks.

  So today I decided to design my 20 weeks board, this is when I realized I completely forgot about 19 weeks! How could I have done that? Anyways here is the run down of what happened last week!

  • I went to see the doctor for my monthly check -up, everything was perfect. I love hearing that little heart beat! 
  • I have been feeling really awful lately, which is what I think contributed to me forgetting to post over the weekend. 
  • Oh! The wives of my unit started a Fitness Challenge while our husbands are gone so we can get sexified for when they get home. So I am super excited about that.
  • I've been doing lunges and squats for said Fitness Challenge and now my legs hurt like hell. Babe you better appreciate that! LOL
  • This little bean has been moving around like an Olympic Gymnast. 
   As for what is going on this week, we are headed to Texas today for our family reunion!! I am so excited. I  had these awesome shirts made so that we can wear them on Saturday:

Anyways I will see you on Saturday I promise not to forget this week !

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