Tuesday, August 28, 2012

22 Weeks

How far along? 22 weeks
Weight gain: Last time I check I was at +19lbs. Oh boy was that hard to look at. I mean I know I am pregnant, but still.
Gender: It's a baby Girl!!!!
Maternity clothes? Yes,yes, in fact today I was told by my sister that I dressed awkward.
Stretch marks? None on the Belly! But I have developed that dark line going down the middle of my belly.
Sleep? Sleep has been alright. I still have a bit of a difficulty getting comfortable though
Best moment last week? Buying my new boots! I love them so much they are so cute and I want to wear them with everything, even if it doesn't match. (These are the boots.)
Movement? Yep! This past week I put speakers on my belly while playing Vilvaldi and she loved it!
Food cravings/ aversions ? I want Sonic Ice all the time
Belly button in/out? Still in. Did I mention the line?
What I miss: Wine, I miss wine. Today I received a lovely box of chocolates from my husband and all I want to do is sit back and eat them with a glass of wine in one hand and good movie on TV.
What I am looking forward to: I have an appointment this week for another ultrasound.
Random Info: So there is a hurricane outside at the moment, I really hope the power doesn't go out!


  1. I remember when I was 22 weeks! Now I have a 7 week old! It goes by fast! Enjoy your "alone" time and do everything you can while you are by yourself. It is much harder to do anything (shower, eat, pee, anything) once they are here! :) And seriously sleep as much as you can! Haha. I wish I would have slept more while I could! Congrats again!

    1. Babies are great best thing is to get as much sleep as u can and the line down ur belly is normal it will go away after the baby is born!!!!

    2. Lol Thanks! I have been trying but even now she keeps me awake :)

  2. I can't believe I hadn't seen all the post. For some reason I hadn't seen them on fb. That's what I get for not checking here regularly. :-)
    I wanted sonic ice every. day. Nate brought me a rt 44 full every night on the way home.
    You look completely adorable and I know everyone says it but it's really true. That 19lbs is nothing for you to worry about! You are doing fantastic! If you look at your app it'll tell you that it's healthy to gain around 35lbs. And besides, this is the one time you can relax and not worry about the little belly us girls seem to focus on. :-)

  3. you are such a beautiful pregnant woman! you dress so cute!! i feel like all i would want to wear are shorts and t shirts.

    1. Awww shucks thanks!!!! I will make sure you wear cute stuff too :)