Saturday, September 8, 2012

D.I.Y: Printed Onesie

Hey guys!

   So I thought I would share with you a neat little project that I did today. I screen printed on a onesie, but not really because I used a stencil I made out of contact paper rather then a silk screen. Anyways lets get started!!!

   Alright so the supplies you will need include:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Exacto Knife
  • Cutting Board 
  • or if you have one of those neat Cricut machines you can skip the above supplies
  • Contact paper
  • Screen Printing Ink ( I used yudu, Lavender, because it was on sale at Michaels) 
  • Onesie or Shirt
  • Cardboard
  • and a squeegee type piece of plastic (mine came with my screen printing stuff,) it is really just a thin piece of plastic with a straight edge

   So first I printed some letters to make the stencil. Then I taped the contact paper and the printed paper to my cutting board so that they would not move while I exacto knifed those letters :)

   Very carefully I traced the letters with the exacto knife and cut each one out. Now the important part of the letter to keep clean is the outside. (Not the part that is sticking out in the picture below)

See clean cut :)

   Now if you have one of those cool cutting machines then you don't have to do the above steps, and this is the part where I really envy you because cutting each letter out takes a while. Especially if you want to make them look pretty. Okay then you take apart the contact paper and place your letters on the onesie. 

Then put a few drops of your paint on the onesie...

and squeegee away!

   Last leave the stencil on for an extra minute after you have administered the paint. This lets it dry abit so that it does not bleed once the stencil is off. Be very careful when pulling the contact paper off. 

Let it dry for like an hour or so and then place a towel over the image and use an iron to set the image.

And Tada!!

I also made this onesie:

This one was much easier to make because I did not have to make teenie tiny cuts for letter.