Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cleaning Day

So today I am doing some casual cleaning around the house, yesterday I did the kitchen and today it is laundry and the floors. Well the floors, gosh I hate them. They get so dirty so quick and these two don't help the matter at all.

   But as I was saying. So I was cleaning the floors. I swept everything up and was ready to swiffer wet jet my floors to a new kind of clean. Thats when I realized I was all out of the Swiffer "solution." Then I remembered something I saw on Pinterest about being able to take the caps off of the Wet Jet bottles, so I did some investigating and I found an amazing Instructable on how to take it off! Here is the Link!!! 
If you don't want to click on to another site though I can give you a run through. First get your wet jet bottle, a pot of boiling water and some nail clippers. Next put the bottle in the boiling water, cap side down. After a minute or so the plastic gets soft enough for you to twist that sucker right off. But please be warned it is hot. Now inside the cap are these little rivet things that prevented you from taking the cap off in the first place. Clip those of with the nail clipper or a razor or just something sharp, K! And Tada!!! You have a refillable bottle that you can put whichever solution floats your boat, or cleans your floors :) 

  Amazing right! Now you don't have to spend extra money on buying another WetJet bottle!

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