Thursday, March 29, 2012


*I started writing this on Sunday 3/25, and didn't get to finish this until now*

   So this weekend started off pretty boring. Just cleaning up the house and folding laundry (I have a habit of washing it and leaving it in the basket so I was trying out the whole folding deal.) Then I got a call from my Papi telling me that he was in town and going to this place called the Shout House. Now when I say in town I mean San Diego, which is still about an hour away from me. I was like hey I don't feel like folding laundry and I need to get out of the house so I decided to go. Now I was a little skeptical about the drive down to San Diego because my car is old and a bit sketchy some times, but I was like what the heck! So I drove down to the city and everything was fine until I got downtown. At every stop Natter turned off.  Oh Dear Right?! But I made it to the parking lot so I brushed off the problem. Bad idea I should have not done because about ten minutes out of the city and on my way home poor old Natter went into a coma, in the middle of the road. IT WAS AWFUL!!!!
   Thankfully a man and his wife were out walking their dog and the husband came to help. He helped me push about 100ft to the gas station, UPHILL! At the gas station I checked the oil and well there was no oil to be checked so I bought some. When I put the oil in it went straight through. Dear me was I in trouble. I was in the middle of nowhere, my phone was dead and so was my car. Thankfully, the husband that had helped me had a cell phone that I could use to call the tow truck.

   I had the tow truck tow my car out to the Sears at my mall because they had done the oil change before and I figured they would be able to fix it. I was wrong. The next morning when I made it down to the Sears the guy would not even go near it. Sucks right. So I went home and sulked in a bad mood and took it out on baking.  I decided to go with a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate frosting. That is a whole lot of chocolate but boy did it taste good. After baking though I still had a lot of frustration to unleash so I started playing around with some fondant.

I made a Sorting Hat, out of the cake and fondant. What do you think?
Here is my wand :)
  I was very satisfied with my cake that I made but still bummed about my car. Today (Wednesday) I took a cab out to the Sears and had my car towed to my local Buggie Shop. I have not yet heard what the diagnosis for Natter is but hopefully it is not that bad.

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