Thursday, April 5, 2012

Legs, Cabs, and Buses

      So you probably don't know this but both of my vehicles are out of commission. So before I go on if anyone has an extra VW '74 bug engine to spare I would really appreciate the donation, or even a bike is fine too. Anyways as I was saying, yesterday I had my tuck towed to an auto shop so it could be fixed. As the tow truck pulls up I realize the tuck key is not on my key ring and I start freaking out. I looked up, down and all around until I realized hey wait it is probably on the key ring that has my car keys on it. So I call down to the buggy shop to see if my tuck key was there and thankfully they said their was an extra black key on the key ring.  So I went ahead an had the tuck towed and told the mechanic that I would be delivering the key later today I just had to go pick it up.
      Now, since I did not have a vehicle I only had one option: walking. How far did I have to walk you ask? That would be 5miles to my destination.  I thought to myself thats not bad, I just need to make sure I charge my phone so I could have some tunage on my walk. So I got ready and went on my way. It wasn't so bad the flowers have bloomed the sun was shinning, pretty much a beautifully perfect day. So I walk and finally get to the buggy shop, they hand my the keys to the car and I realize the truck key is not on there. The extra key ring had been the key that unlocks the engine. Oh the frustration. So I searched the car, every knick and cranny.But no key :(  So this walk was pointless and now I had to walk another five miles back home.  So to make myself feel better I bought hair dye and chocolate. Something that always works.
      That was yesterday 10 miles downs and my feet were killing me. So this morning for my massage appointment I decided I would call a cab because I just did not have it in my to wake up early enough to make the walk. So 9 am rolls around and I call yellow cab. Spoke with a very rude person but she dispatched a driver to me. I finished getting ready and waited outside for the cab. 9:30 comes and passes with no cab insight. So I call them to see what is going on this time a spoke to a man named David and he told me that my cab left at 9:10 and should be there any minute. Which is fine because I still have time to make my 10 o'clock appointment. And I wait and wait, then five minutes to ten I call the Physical Rehab center and explain what is going on because I don't want them to think I am just skipping out. Then I call the cab company to see what is going on. This time I speak to George and he tries to call the cabbie and could not get through. By this time I am so stressed. At about 10:10 I finally see the yellow car round the corner and  stop at my house. I am seriously hating on cabs at this point. As soon as I take my seat the driver apologizes and sad says that they gave him the wrong address. He then shows me the dispatch message and They gave him a cross section that didn't even exist!
      Anyways I was 35 minutes late to my appointment! It was awful. But this is about transportation so let me tell you about my next adventure today! I started walking home from the Rehab center and I see a bus and I decide I am going to ride it. Now I have only ever taken a bus one time before (that story and can be found at the bottom of this***) and was a little nervous but paid my 2 bucks and took a seat. Now the bus cannot take me all the way home so I took it my favorite Chinese restaurant. Which is also a bit closer to my house and I only had to walk about 5 miles instead of the original 7. After my lunch I continued my walk. It really isn't that bad, until you get to the cross walk right in front of the base gate. It is by far the scariest cross walk I have ever stepped foot cross. You see to get over the cross walk you have to walk across the off ramp of the Pendleton exit of I-5. Let me just tell you those cars just don't slow down.

  Well that is all I have for you today!

***So the very first time I ever rode a public bus was a few years ago when I was in Charleston, SC. I was trying to get to the mall from the airport. I gave the bus driver my change and took a seat. All of a sudden I hear this guy talking about how he just got out of jail and hadn't decided what he was going to do with the rest of his day. Then I look out the window and was trapped in the Ghetto. It was awful. I was holding on to my seat scared that I was going to end up on CSI.  So I ended up taking the bus full circle and got off of at the airport because I did not want to risk getting lost. 

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