Sunday, November 11, 2012

33 Weeks

How far along? 33 Weeks
Weight gain:  Well I went to the doctor's this week and weighed in at 183
Maternity clothes: Yes, have you seen the belly? I don't think I could fit into normal clothes anymore if I tried. 
Stretch marks Alas they have come, I have found a few more on my hips. They are not big or anything just small little pink lines. 
SleepOh sleep! I am not sure if it is because I am "home" or what but sleep has been so good lately. I have yet to sleep in my own bed but the comfort of my couch is enough for me to catch some Zs. 
Best moment last week?  I would have to say going to the Docs office. You see when the nurse was trying to hear my little beans heart beat, we heard a strange sound. Then I felt her start moving. Moving a LOT!  Now every time the nurse put the probe to my belly my little bean pushed it away. It took a solid five minutes for us to be able to get a heart beat but even then we only heard it for a few seconds before my little miss started kicking again. 
Food cravingsaversionsNo cravings or anything. Things have pretty much slowed down in that section. But on a side note I did make my own yogurt!!!! Yes you read correctly I made my own yogurt. It was/is awesome. I will post a how to on my next batch.
Belly button in/out? It is still in, fighting to stay in but still in. 
What I missMy husbandYup I miss him I think being back in Californiasurrounded in a house with all of our things makes me miss him even more. 
What I am looking forward to: Oh lots of things. I have another appointment this week and I set up an appointment at my physical therapy place, San Diego Spine and Rehab (if you are in the San Diego area I strongly suggest giving them a visit,) I am so excited for this appointment because my back has been killing me!
Random Info:  OH MY GOSH!!!!! I am listening to the Hunger Games series and these books are crazy!!! Yes I know I am late to join in on all the Hunger Game craze. But seriously this series is brutal, who thinks of these kind of things. 

Also I found the charger to my camera, which has been dead for months, and I found a picture of me at week 7, which I did not think I had. In my post is just a picture of my board that I took with my phone. What a difference huh!?


  1. Hey hun I'm following you! I'm also pregnant and just starting out my blog, looking for other mommy bloggers to befriend ;)
    I'm currently 20 weeks with my first & it's a girl!

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    1. Aloha!!!! Thank you so much for the follow, I will definitely be checking out your blog! I am so happy to share my experiences with everyone :) Have a great day! Cheers